Dance Interventions 

- On Location-

Performance, videos, paintings, drawings. photography.

"Dance Chamber"

Standard definition video, color with sound

2 min., 18 sec.


Choreography and Performance: Tanzanight

Set and Lighting: Tanzanight, Ray Cook

Video Camera Operator: Ray Cook

Editing: Tanzanight

Accompanying Song: Depeche Mode, "John

  the Revelator", album: "Playing the Angel"

  Sire Records, 2005


"Glow and Blare"

Standard definition video, color with sound

4 min., 15 sec.


*There was an error in the digital file capture during the transfer from the video tape, causing one "jump" in the footage, due to a gap in information that was unrecoverable.

Choreography and Performance: Tanzanight

Set, Lighting, and Sound: Tanzanight

Video Camera Operator: Ray Cook

Editing: Tanzanight

*This was originally performed one time in front of a live audience.  The video is the documentation of that event.

Music: Nine Inch Nails, "Meet Your Master"

  album: "Year Zero", Interscope Records, 2007